One Degree to the Next

God’s faithfulness is not, as I often assume, the same thing as waiting on a butler to cater to my whims. It’s a ditch I fall into frequently, doubting God’s care as I wait on prayers to be answered and fruit to be shown. I pray for maturity. I ask for change in my heart. And yet, the days tick on and I’m seemingly still the same person I was last Tuesday.

But God’s faithfulness is not a morphine drip – something you squeeze to provide the illusion of healing, but rather the painful re-setting of a bone so that the leg may be straightened. It is the long and arduous process of redemption that occurs over days, months and seasons. It’s tiny flickers of change that chip away at a hardened heart from one degree to the next. But God is always at work. You and I are never waiting for God to work in our lives – he always is. He has promised to bring to completion the good work he has started.

Though Jacob walked the rest of his life with a limp, it was not a sign that God had forsaken him, but rather a reminder that he had wrestled with God and experienced his mercy.



“The sanctifying work of the Spirit on His Temple advances, but the sound of the chisel is not heard.” – Doug Wilson


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